Occasional Bread

The occasional bread are the recipies I use for treats and variety.  they rewuire a recipe check to make sure that the quality is good and I am happy to share them with friends and family.

The following links are to .pdf recipe pages.  depending upon tour computer settings, they will either display in your browser or be saved to your download folder.

Ciabatta - An italian classic slipper bread that has many uses.  This is a two stage process that requires a moderate baking skill and some experience.

Olive Bread -  A simple cut or tear loaf that is easy to share.  Variations can be used with other filling ingredients.

Bagles - Baking bagles is a bit of a pfaff, but the results are worth the effort.  I will only use this recipe for special occasions.  Buying fresh bagles from a good local baker saves a lot of time for a similar result.

Onion Bread - Great with strong chease and soups.  This bread should not be placed in a bread bin with other types of bread.

Apple Bread - Just the job for a warm summer afternoon tea.  This bread is a treat with cheese and pickles.

Tomato Bread - I like this bread as an accompaniment to a good casserole instead of dumplings.  It is also excellent with tomato soup or a crisp bean salad.

Rye Bread - this is another cheese and pickled onion classic accompaniment.  Rye bread rolls also go well with savoury soups.

Barley Bread - This was a one off bake for me.  I cannot eat anything that contains barley as I have an allergy to the grain.  It is my barley allergy that inspired me to bake so much bread, as this grain can be an inexpensive additive to commercial bread.

Sourdough - This bake has to be well planed for time.  A good sourdough mix takes a few days to develop and daily attention to maintain.  This is not a type of bread I bake regularly, but the effort of developing the sourdough gives a variation in bread that is worth the time.

Gluten Free Bread - Baked on demand when needed, this type of bread is not ideal to a regular bread consumer, but a good level of skill is needed for the challenge of getting a good rise.



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