Modern Recipes

These recipes are some of my favorites.  They are split into everyday baking, occasional bakes and bread classics.  This is not an exhaustive list by any means, but a group of recipies that I like to bake and eat.

The number of different bread types is exhaustive, the recipes contained here are a few personal choice ones that I enjoy baking and eating.  To find more recipes, search on-line using a seach key word like Bread Recipes or specific names of breads that you would like to bake.

Another modern innovation is the bread maker.  These machines can produce a standard loaf with presice ingredients and minimal effort.  They are less flexible than the hand made method of bread baking, but breadmakers require a different mindset and skill base which some people are very good with.



Modern Recipes

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These pages contain my favorite recipies for baking breads of all kinds.


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