Everyday Bread

The everyday bread are the recipies I favour for regular bakes.  These are easy and reliable bakes that experienced bakers can do without the need to think about them or check on recipies.

The following links are to .pdf recipe pages.  depending upon tour computer settings, they will either display in your browser or be saved to your download folder.

Wholemeal - A mixture of strong white and strong wholemeal flour which is my everyday bake.  I usually bake 4 loaves at a time and freeze 3, so that a loaf can then be taken out of the 'fridge on the evening before it is needed.

White - A bake that can be used to make loaves or rolls.  I like to use French T-55 flour when it is available.  Canadian Extra Strong White makes good rolls and any Strong White flour is the fallback option.

Pizza - which can be reliably made in less than 2 hours is an easy option meal.  Toppings can be whatever is at hand and any good melting cheese can be used.  A quick option is to use mozzarella slices from the supermarket and tomato paste watered down and boiled, but I usually go for the fresh and authentic option.

Focaccia - This is my favourite tear and share option for friends.  It works well with a cheese board, a good salad or fish.



Modern recipes


These pages contain my favorite recipies for baking breads of all kinds.


Everyday Bread

Occasional Bread

Classic Bread