Classic Bread

Classic bread are the recipies that stand the test of time, or have a significance in a local context.  The recipes shown here are just a few examples that I have baked on occasions.

The following links are to .pdf recipe pages.  depending upon tour computer settings, they will either display in your browser or be saved to your download folder.

Grant Loaf  - used as a simple to bake home recipe in the Second World war.

Staffordshire Oaty - devised by Susan Clarke of b-Arts in 2018  This is a good basic local cob loaf.

Russian Black Bread - A classic Russian recipe that is always good for most occasions.

Chocolate Swirl - fun to make and always looks good when sliced.

West Virginia Pepperoni Roll
- A spicy bread filled with pepperoni and cheese based on a 1927 recipe by Giuseppe Argiro.

Canadian Trail Bread - A quick and easy soda bread baked in a frying pan.



Modern recipes


These pages contain my favorite recipies for baking breads of all kinds.


Everyday Bread

Occasional Bread

Classic Bread