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There are a growing number ofbaking organisations that claim interest in "Real Bread".  I have always assumed that the concept of real bread means loaves that have been hand made from cold milled flour and grains.  Here are a few links to websites that I have used and recorded in my web browsing.

Federation of Bakers supporting the big industrial and commercial bakers who make the most bread nationally.

The British Society of Baking is a non-profit organisation providing a forum for the larger baking industry,

Craft Bakers Association supporting bakers in all business matters.

Real Bread Campeign supporting small real bread specialists and promoting events.

True Loaf  The magazine of the Real Bread Campeign.

The Worshipful Company of Bakers supporting City Bakers and Allied Trades since 1155.

Bakery Bits  Stuff that home and artisan bread bakers may need.

Bread in Common Stoke-on-Trent's real bread bakery.

Carolines Real Bread Company The old Vicarage Bakery at Merthyr Cygog, Brecon, Wales.

Dunbar Community Bakery specialist bread at High Street, Dunbar, Scotland.

The Handmade Bakery Slaithwaite, Yorkshire, on the Canal Side.


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